ROSE Discord

We provide a discord that is available 24/7 and moderated almost full time. The ROSE Discord provides an online space to socialize and participate in Queer community safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It operates as a Closed Space and a Safe(r) Space, meaning that only people identifying as 2SLGBTIA+ (or questioning) are able to join and we restrict and monitor discussions to ensure as many people can be comfortable participating.

We have a variety of different channels, including closed-spaces for discussions among marginalized and select groups of people, a channel to discuss sex and sexuality, cooking and many more! We host weekly game nights, other fun events like trivia, and also regular in-person events such as picnics, trans thrifting, etcetera!

If you are a CisHet Ally, we love you! But at this time, we ask you don’t attempt to join our space. You can support us by donating instead.

If you're 2SLGBTIA+, a post-secondary student, grade 12 student, or a recent graduate - you can join here: