Gender Affirming Gear Program

The Gender Affirming Gear Program helps trans, non-binary, and gender diverse youth access gender affirming gear and clothing. This includes gaffs, binders, packers, makeup and more!

The gear and clothing we provide is always BRAND NEW, and delivered to you at NO COST. This is made possible by the kind sponsorship and funding of MAX Ottawa.

Each individual request is allotted $50, which can usually provide 1-3 items depending on what is being requested.

Note: You must be 16+ to access this program without parental permission. If you are younger than 16, please seek parental permission to apply to this program, proof will be required.

If you cannot get permission due to safety concerns, contact us at to discuss options.

Fill out our Affirming Gear Request Form to be added to our list of recipients.

What is Gender Affirming Gear?

At ROSE, we consider gender affirming gear to be anything that helps affirming one's gender identity by contributing to one's gender presentation.

Traditionally this means things like binders, gaffs, packers, STPs, breast forms, etcetera! Our definition is more holistic, and also includes things such as beard stains, makeup, and standard affirming clothing.

We believe that affirming gear also serves as harm reduction. Trans, non-binary, and gender diverse youth are at significant risk for mental health complications including risk of suicide.

Affirming gear can help reduce dysphoria and is invaluable at helping reduce dysphoria-related stress.

This New York Times article documents experiences with chest binders improving the mental health of their wearers:
(CW/TW: Mental Health, Suicide)

Learn more about various types of gender affirming gear and how to responsibly use/maintain them at GenderGear's various pages below!

GenderGear Affirming Gear Fact Sheets

The Gender Affirming Gear Program is funded through the courteous sponsorship of MAX Ottawa, an organization providing guys-into-guys and other 2SLGBTQIA+ community members in Ottawa community support, health, and education services.

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