Community Picnics

Every month, we organize a community picnic for our membership where we socialize outdoors while enjoying board games, snacks, and refreshments.

These opportunities allow us to immerse ourselves in community and queerness safely during the isolation of COVID-19.

Gaymes Nights

Every week, we run a digital gaymes night where a handful of our membership get together in one of our discord voice channels and play a handful of free games together!

Trans Thrifting

Every few months, we get a group of our trans members together and head to local thrift stores to find affordable affirming clothes! These events are supported through donations which allow people to participate without using their own money.

Crafts and Queers

Bi-weekly, we have a Crafts and Queers which gives folks the opportunity to work on hobby crafts or art while in a call together to talk.

Trans Office Hours

Our Trans Programs Coordinator or Lead Coordinator are available bi-weekly in trans office hours, giving our transgender, non-binary and gender diverse members the opportunity to socialize in our Trans-Only Voice Channel, and provide feedback and suggestions on our trans programming.

Film and Book Club

At the end of every month we watch a 2SLGBTQIA+ movie and then unpack it together afterwards, occasionally we also watch limited series and cartoons (such as Steven Universe, and Sailor Moon!).

When capacity is available, we read through a book over the course of a month and meet up to discuss it at the halfway point and when completed! Thus far we've read Lumberjanes and Song of Achilles!